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  Public Relations  
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Waller ISD Public Relations utilizes  communications tools to provide two-way communication. The process involves both internal and external publics, with a goal of providing a better understanding of Waller ISD's objectives and accomplishments.

WISD Board Goal 6: WISD will continue to prioritize two-way communication between Waller ISD and all patrons through all sources available and encourage relationships of trust and mutual support. 

School desk and graduation diplomaSchool Public Relations Functions:

Public relations counsel – Provides public relations counsel, taking a proactive stance. Anticipates problems and provides solutions.

Communication with internal and external publics – Handles all aspects of the school district’s publications.

Media relations – Writes school district news releases for all local newspapers/TV/radio. Serves as the media’s liaison with the school district.

Budget/bond issue campaigns – Stays closely attuned to the entire budget-making process. Assist with the development of budget/bond issue campaigns and publications.

Communications planning/crisis communications planning – Oversees the communication plan for the district to effectively communicate with the internal and external publics.

School district imaging and marketing – Promotes the district’s strengths/achievements, and its solutions to problems.

Student/staff recognition – Vigorously publicizes student and staff achievement; coordinates staff and employee Board recognitions.

Information station for the district – Answers public and new resident requests for information; keeps district’s historical records; and assist with the planning of school district special events.

Public relations trainer – Provides public relations training to staff to promote school programs.

Community relations liaison – Serves as the district’s liaison with community groups.

The “I’s” are crucial – True communication is a two-way process of both inflow and outflow of information. A school PR person helps keep both “I’s” of the district open, and works to keep the public both “I”nformed and “I”nvolved in the schools.

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  Public Relations Team  

Photo of Marianne Kosik

Marianne Kosik
Director, Public Relations

Adela Cornejo
Bilingual Community Relations
Communications Coordinator

Lacey Bullock
Admin. Asst.
Public Relations

Jeffrey Melnick
Communications Specialist

Public Relations Dept.
c/o Waller ISD
2214 Waller Street
Waller, TX 77484

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